Very, very late to the afterparty here, but coming into contact with some of the (“post-post-“) vaporwave scene now. SLOWGLOW VIRTUAL CASINO EULOGYJAM LANGUOR. Aesthetic is reminiscent of a lot of net art work that has been around for ages, but takes on quality of its own in this contextual sonic moment. Clear that it would have made a nice addition to the post-digital piece just released. Of particular interest, a sense of immersion into the atmospherics of obsolescence. Quote from Tiny Mix Tapes’ recent review of Infinity Frequencies’ Computer Decay,

It goes back to what its original creators may or may not have been attempting to do but were assumed to be doing anyway: a subversive take on our own fall into the “virtual plaza,” a post-capitalist commercial doom. When Infinity Frequencies reveals to us these artifacts, gathered from the recesses of the collective knowledge, their unintentional beauty lulls us into a dream recovery of haze and vapor, and we’re privy to a similar slip into obscurity and decay.

And this from a year old interview (note focus on temporality) with Chaz Allen of Metallic Ghosts,

In fact, as far as Allen is concerned, the January concert—the second incarnation of an online festival called SPF420, which debuted in September—doubled as a “final eulogy” for the genre. “As soon as you name something,” he says, “it’s going to take off and die.” […] “I just made a casinowave track, sampling slot machines and shit,” Allen says. “So that might last for a minute. That might last for two minutes.”

Yes, yes. Always already 20 minutes late to the futurepast. META-JAVA COMPUTER-GAZE ANXIETY-CLOUDS. TOPOLOGICAL DE(.com)PRESSION. NEW NOSTALGIA.

ECO VIRTUAL / / / 大気中分析

Climate Research & Analysis Music

Using our patented Advanced SoniClimate® Information Processing Software we produce music based on atmospheric and oceanic data from around the globe and deliver it directly to you, the user.

Thank you for your continued support.


And how blue are these sonic “blue hours” (cf. post-digital article)? Here are the accompanying images for the first ten tracks currently listed on Infinity Frequencies’ SoundCloud page


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