ecologies of the executable: a few interstratic experiments

A mad few months of work. Now finalising a presentation to be given next week at the RENEWABLE FUTURES conference for New Media Culture in Riga and Liepaja. Could do with more time to gear up but looking forward to it.

title of talk: ecologies of the executable: a few interstratic experiments

As witnessed in recent projects such as the “living poetry” of Christian Bök’s The Xenotext, for implantation into the genome of the Deinococcus radiodurans microbe, or diverse works from Martin Howse including concrete worm poetry produced on ”earthbooting” computers, there is a vibrant strain of artistically infused practice that aims to overtly shift or renew the sites of expressive executability. Just as the poetic modality provides a platform for constraining, exposing and executing processes of expression, in the recent examples of artists like Bök and Howse the workings of diverse and potentially frictive strata of materials (code, cells, hardware, soil, etc.) directly constrain, corrupt and/or tease out further potential ecologies of the executable (scientific, aesthetic, computational, pataphysical and otherwise). Building on ongoing dissertation research within a terrain of media ecologies, this presentation will consider a few of the unstable organisms that emerge in these experiments on the fault lines of interstratic executability, each of which can also be said to touch on the conference themes of sustainability and renewal.


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