nō code archive

Carlyle Baker, The International Matrix of Not Knowing

//UnderAcademy College course archiving in the form of a little Tumblr from last year capturing some of the highlights of two cycles of the Nō Code class for which I acted as digressor on (with Sonny Rae Tempest as co-digressor for the second cycle). Course description for both cycles was as follows:

Week 1: View page source. Stare at page source. Line after line. Your eyes, the code. Paper cranes, undulating glass.

Week 2: “A code will be shown without the picture.” Load code, turn off screen. Rediscover uncodifiable mystery of the black box, its illuminations.

Week 3: Travel path of the Nō coder, blind monk of a digital age, deprogrammer of restless interactivity. Record results. Codify. Compile.

Week 4: GOTO Week 1

//And the course syllabus:

Welcome prospective nō coders.

By taking this course you have chosen to commit yourself to the practice of nō coding. Nō code is an attempt at reducing coded aspects of the world through code itself. As the introductory piece of nō code above indicates, such a process is destined to loop back in on itself. A sustaining, sustainable quality of nō code: that it too might in turn be nō coded. Hence: this syllabus is a fugacious document; a little program on deprogramming; some practice code for code practices that undo codes of practice.

Consider, for instance, the thin line above the rounded “o” of “nō.” Hovering. But somehow, also, grounded. A little cloud of continuity, tracing a path, tentatively highlighting a certain shared atmosphere in the mundane and the transcendent.

This course will consist of four such “clouds”: Redux // 4’33” // Kyōgen // Gnossiennes. As arbitrary but interlinking topic areas, they might also be thought of as seasons of a particular kind of cycle. For each, you are asked to nō code an element of experience which you consider in some way relevant to the topic/cloud/season in question. This may be carried out in any form or format you prefer, and you may read whatever you like into each of the designated clouds. The following is a brief compendium of readings, intended only to act as an initial barometer for getting a sense of the atmospherics in each of these four terms:

no code - compendium

Should you have any questions or require occasional exit counseling, I can be contacted via email (—-). If elements of this course prove to be of particular interest, we can also consider the possibility of setting up a dedicated area for collecting and sharing assorted nō code related material. If you use Twitter you are encouraged to share work with others using the hashtags #nocode & #underacademy.

OK, nō!

//Two students participated in the first cycle and two more on the second run. An engaging, challenging exercise and some nice student work produced. The code still runs.

//see also: nō way out


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