Atlas Fugged

//One for the archives. An UnderAcademy course pitched last year (no takers), following two cycles of nō code.

Atlas Fugged

“Rand’s heroes must continually fight against ‘parasites’, ‘looters’, and ‘moochers’ who demand the benefits of the heroes’ labor.” (Wikipedia)

What happens when a text goes on strike? Taking Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as primary course material, participants of this class will be asked to pledge a minced oath to mince the bloated, enforced monopoly of this 20th century source code. Whether by rewrite, remix or redact; through acts of coercion, plagiary, & misprision; in pursuit of exploitation, self-interest, the cheap thrill of an adulterous literary encounter; we will tease our indifferent Atlas back into his original employment via the form of a newly weighted sacrifice: our collaboratively reworked edition of Rand’s text. Parasites, looters, lazy fairies of the word, unite!


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